Dare To Dream ~ Characters

Characters of Dare to Dream
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Name: Nellie O’Malley
Designation: Slayer
Born: 1864 in Boston, MA
Died: 1888, Mojave Desert
Stationed: Santa Fe, NM
Powers: Sonokinesis
Best Friend: Nathaniel Ogapoge
Pet: Nathaniel
Enemies: Demonoids
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Hazel
Height: 5’10
Physique: Slender
Favorite Weapon: ‘Honey’, her double barrel shotgun
Most Prized Possession: Her pa’s switchblade
Theme Song: Little Lamb by Neil Dover
Muse: Anja Rubik Pinterest Board

Interesting fact: Nellie is the only slayer that was not a fighter or warrior in her human life. 


Name: Nathaniel Ogapoge
Designation: Panther Shifter
Lives in Santa Fe, NM
Occupation: Owner of The Den: Santa Fe’s Only Strip Club (he’s very proud of this)
            Dad: Levi Ogapoge  [Muse: Hugh Jackman Pinterest Board] Mom: Mosi Ogapoge(deceased) 
Best Friend: Nellie O’Malley and Braxton Elsu
Pet: If you ask him, he’ll tell you Braxton
Enemies: ‘The Wolf’
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown that changes to Yellow
Height: 6’2
Physique: Lean and Muscular
Favorite Weapon: Nellie
What's on his iPod: Classic Rock. Has an obsession with Journey
Favorite Song: Don't Stop Believing - Journey

Muse: Sasah Knezevic  Pinterest Board

Interesting fact: Nathaniel fell in love with Nellie the first moment he laid eyes on her, when he was just a cub

Name: Diana Grace Bossard
Designation: Slayer
Born: 7th Century Europe
Stationed: Santa Fe, NM
Powers: Telekinesis and Healing Abilities
Nicknames: D and St. Diana
Pet: Frank, the rattlesnake
Best Friend: Chayton Elsu
Enemies: Demonoids and those she can't speak of
Hair/Eye Color: Dirty Blonde/Light Green
Height: 5’8
Physique: Curvy
Favorite Weapon: Anything with a Blade
Most Prized Possession:  Her Journals
What's on her iPod: Hip Hop and R&B
Muse: Maryna Linchuk  Pinterest Board

Interesting fact: Diana Grace holds a secret that not even her fellow slayers know.  It's one she has a harder and harder time hiding, but knows that for the safety of everyone she holds dear, she had no choice but continue to keeping up appearances. 


Name: Braxton Elsu
Designation: Falcon Shifter
Lives in Santa Fe, NM
Occupation: Bouncer/DJ at The Den and a Hired Mercenary
Born: March 13, 1813
            Father: Johannes (deceased)  Mother: Dezba (deceased)
            Brother: Chayton [Muse: Eric Belanger Pinterest Board]
Best Friend: Nathaniel Ogapoge and Chayton Elsu
Nickname: Brax
Enemies: Too Many To Mention
Hair/Eye Color: Shaved Head/Bright Blue
Height: 6’4
Physique: Large and Muscular
Scars/Tattoos: A scar over his heart and a tattoo of a tribal falcon with a cross centered in the body of the falcon place on his back, extending from shoulder to shoulder.
Favorite Weapon: His Fists
What's on his iPod: Indie. He prefers songs that have meaning within the lyrics.
Motto: Life's too long not to keep it interesting
Muse: Salvator Morale

Interesting fact: Braxton's mother tried to kill him on his thirteenth birthday, but he was saved by his older brother, Chayton. 

Name: Jamie Mingot
Designation: Human - Witch 
Lives in Santa Fe, NM
Occupation: Bartender at The Den
Born: June 19, 1989
            Cousin: Tiffany Agathe
Best Friend: Tiffany Agathe
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Dark Brown
Height: 5'6
Physique: Curvy
Favorite Weapon: Her Whit
Favorite Saying: She considers her well endowed chest "God's gift to better tips."
Muse: Lisalla Montenegro Pinterest Board

Interesting fact: Unlike her cousin, Tiffany, and the rest of her family, Jamie worships the Welsh goddess, Arainrhod. The rest of her family worship the Greek goddess, Hecate. 

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