Saturday, August 27, 2016

Writing a Series

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Writing a Series:

On more than one occasion I have cursed myself an idiot. I mean what was I thinking when I decided to write a series? Then I remember, I’m crazy.

Dark Dreams started off as an idea of a short series, maybe three or four books that weaved around a handful of characters. I didn’t even have a series plot idea, I just knew I had voices in my head that wanted their stories told and their lives happened to overlap.

Then I started writing.

The short series has turned into at least ten books racing around in my head, with new characters popping up at the strangest moments demanding their stories be told. While each book will be a stand-alone read, a series plot also appeared, making me even more excited (and more petrified).
Writing a series has become one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever attempted. Not only do I need to keep track of all my characters and their interactions, I need to make sure there doesn’t end up being a plot hole so big you could flatten a tire on it, or worse, get sucked into oblivion never to return. One of my biggest pet peeves as a reader is when more questions get asked and none of the previous ones have been answered. I keep this in mind when I’m writing. If I don’t like something as a reader, I won’t put it out there as a writer.

Did I mention earlier that I’m crazy? Every character in the Dark Dream series is connected in one way or another, either through family, relationships, or friendship. I think my brain might have exploded when I decided to make a string chart of all my characters. (Don’t worry, I introduce them slowly. Last thing I want is my reader’s brains to explode!)

One thing I love about series is even when a character’s main story is over, that doesn’t mean it’s the last we see of them. As a reader, I get excited to see old characters come back in the picture. As a writer, it’s like getting to hang out with an old friend again. With the way my characters’ lives intersect, you’ll get to see a lot of familiar faces as the series goes on.

I currently have three books out in the Dark Dreams Series; Dare to Dream (Book One), Endless Nightmare: The Origin of a Demon (which focuses on the origin story of Empusa), and Dreams in the Dark (Book Two and the continuation of Empusa’s story). I’m working on the third book now, Lost Dreams and hope to have it out summer of 2017.

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