Monday, August 22, 2016

Interview with a Demon

Here is the interview I did with Empusa for Fangtastic Books Blog

Taking a seat across the demoness, she wasn’t what I expected. Rumors of the empusae demon spoke of a tall, Amazonian woman with wild red hair and a glare that could turn your soul to dust. The female was anything but. Empusa wasn’t much taller than my own five foot two frame. Her golden blonde hair framed an almost angelic face, but her hallow cheekbones looked as if you could sharpen a blade on them. I wouldn’t call her pretty, though. In truth, I’m not sure there is a word that could describe her. Only thing that came to mind, goddess.

She glared at me when I didn’t start talking right away. Ok, so that part of the legend was correct, her glare could make your soul feel like it was turning to dust.

I cleared my throat. “We’ll just get right to it then. Tell us a little about yourself.”

“Oh pet, I don’t believe you have that much time. I’ll give you the basics, though if you want to know more, and you should want to know more about me, do yourself a favor and read Endless Nightmare. It happens to be my origin story. So, a little about me… I’m the one and only empusae demon in existence. I currently reside in the demon hell realm, Gehenna. Not for long, of course, I’m working on a way out.”

“Living in Gehenna, I assume you see a lot of conflict. Would you say you embrace it or run from it?”

“I run from nothing. Fear isn’t a feeling I’m familiar with. I embrace the darkness, embrace the chaos. I thrive on the conflict. It’s what pushes me.”

“I would imagine you would have to build up a wall living in such a place, create a tough exterior. How do you think the people you surround yourself with would describe you?”

Empusa laughed, and not the cheery kind. “I’m the one thing they all want to possess, to control. They don’t know if they want to fuck me or kill me, but they all want me. They fear me and worship me, just as they should. But none of them will ever have me.”

“You sound pretty sure of yourself. You can’t be all badass, though. You must have some weaknesses.”

“Having weaknesses will get you killed. My mothers taught me one important lesson, and they taught me the hard way. Trust no one. Let no one close to you. Take what you want but never give part of yourself in return. I don’t have weaknesses, I have strengths. My strength is knowing no one will ever come before me and my needs.”

“My mom always told me never to say never. Don’t you think one day you might want love and happiness?”

“Love is an illusion, a human emotion used to manipulate and control. Happiness is subjective. Who says I’m not happy? Who says the life I created for myself isn’t exactly what I want?”

“You must want more than being imprisoned within the confinds of Gehenna. What are your goals?”
“I want to escape the prison my mother banished me to. I want to show her what a mistake she made. I want to bathe in her blood.”

“But, come on, you must want a Happily Ever After, too?”

“The only thing HEA stands for is Happily Empy After. Because what I want is what I get.”

“Other than planning your escape and the demise of your mother, what else do you do? Is there a place you feel safe? Free? Is that even possible for you?”

Empusa pauses and I wonder if she’ll actually answer. “The Dream Realm,” she finally says. “It’s where I go to find a way to escape Gehenna, but it’s also a place I can pretend to be someone else, somewhere else. A place I can pretend to be free.”

“Is there someone there you go to see? Someone you’ve met through dreams?”
Something flashes in her eyes and her face softens. It happens so fast I was sure it was just a trick of the light.

“No comment. I think I’ll keep that part to myself.”

“Oh, I have a feeling we’ll be find out all about your dreams soon. One more question, though, what are you going to do next?”

“What will Empusa do?” she asks with a smirk. “Well, pet, that’s easy. Whatever the fuck I want.”

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