Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Endless Nightmare

I have gone back and forth on this for a long time, but I finally decided this was not only the best way to do it, but the right way. Does Empusa's story fit in a genre? No. Does Empusa's story have a happy ending? No. Hell Empy's story doesn't even have an ending...yet. Did I write this story for the masses or to try to make money off it? No. I wrote it for the handful of you that wanted to know how Empusa became the way she was. So it has been decided that Endless Nightmare: The Origin of a Demon is going to be a serial. Starting now... (Prologue and Ch. 1 are up and I'll be adding to it weekly or quicker. So read, share, comment, critique, but most of all I hope I live up to Empusa's standards) ‪#‎WWED‬


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