Friday, February 7, 2014

What you think you're going to write, is never what you actually write...

Endless Nightmare is the first book I'm writing in the Dark Dream Series and also the one that I never planned on writing.  The series was supposed to start with Dare To Dream where Empusa was to make a cameo  with her main story coming next (which she will still be getting).  Turns out that my favorite demon had other things in mind.  Let me tell you, she normally does.  This book isn't your typical story, as it isn't a romance (the rest of the series is).  When the idea came to me, and the people who have always supported my writing and characters wanted to read more about Empusa, I knew that the story wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I knew that it needed to be written.  I went back and forth with that fact.  I know most reader want to read a story with a beginning, middle and end. With romance and love. They won't get that with Endless Nightmare.  This is the story about how Empusa became the way she is, starting from when she was twelve years old and finds herself being thrown into a realm she isn't supposed to survive in.  It's the story of her survival and one that I feel needs to be told to understand her better.  Sometimes, as a writer, you need to stay true to your characters and accept the fact that you will never please everyone.  With this story though, you will get to meet and understand other characters that will be present throughout the series.  If you like sex, violence, complicated relationships, and a strong female lead that doesn't take shit from anyone, well this book just might be in your wheelhouse.

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