Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is In The Air: Flash Fiction Blog Hop and Giveaway

For this flash fiction there were only two of my characters that came to mind right away when it came to love and Valentine's Day; Lenox and Mercy. These two won't have their whole story told until sometime later in the Dark Dream series but you will get to know through all of the books. A little preview to one of my favorite couples. 

“We keep circling and always end up back in the same place.”

Brushing her thumb over Mercy’s bottom lip, Lenox shook her head in denial. “Don’t you get it, Merc?  It’s you and me against the world.  It always has been, it always will be.  No matter how much time passes.  No matter how many obstacles get in our way or what our families think, it will always be you and me.” She knew Mercy was about to argue with her, it was the second thing that they were best at.  Of course those arguments always ended up in the most ferocious love making, but today of all days she didn’t want to fight. So before Mercy was able to get a word out, she leaned forward and place her lips against hers.  There was no better way to silence her female and they both knew it.

She felt the instant that Mercy had given in.  Her lips parted on a sigh and she leaned up to meet her kiss with a little more force.  That was her mercenary, all hard exterior and toughness, but when you got down to the bare bones of it, Mercy was all softness and grace.  It was that contradiction that had first drawn Lenox to her all those centuries ago.  

Pushing Mercy back against the mattress, Lenox shifted her body until she was straddled over Mercy’s hips, not breaking their kiss for even a moment.  She felt fevered, light headed, but she always did when they were together.  Naked skin against skin, lips against lips, tongues dancing together in a battle for supremacy. A battle neither wanted to lose, but at the same time didn’t want to win either.  All they wanted was for that battle to continue until neither of them could remember their names or the worlds around them.  When they were together they were safe from the outside.  Safe in their own cocoon of comfort and passion.  

Lenox’s hand found Mercy’s breast and she squeezed, and then was rewarded with the sweetest of sounds.  Mercy’s moan vibrated against her lips causing her belly to tighten with desire.

“I want to hear you make that noise again.”  Rubbing her palm over Mercy’s nipple, she felt it harden even more.  “I want you to forget everything else but us.”  Lifting herself up, Lenox sat back and looked down at Mercy, watching those dark gray eyes turn from wariness to hunger.  She would do anything to make Mercy forget about all the troubles surrounding her.  To just escape with her into the freedom that they could only find together.

Mercy’s hands slid over her thighs, slowly moving up and around the curve of her hips until they rested against her waist. “There is nothing else, Lenox. Not right now.”  

Both of them knew that come the morning though, everything would be back to the way it was.  Both of them on different sides of a long, drawn out war.  One that would probably never end and one that would always succeed at keeping a wall between them.  Not tonight though.  Tonight that war and the players in it were a distant memory.

Lenox leaned back down, running her lips down the column of Mercy’s neck and further down until she reach the slight curve of her breasts. Dancing her tongue over the silken skin, she felt Mercy shiver in response. Her mouth closed around her nipple, drawing in the hardened peak.  She felt Mercy body arch below her, her hands moving from her waist to glide over her back until she fisted her hands into the long blonde strands, pressing her closer.  Switching to the other breast, Lenox showed it equal amounts of attention.  Her tongue darting out to circle around before gently biting down, causing Mercy to moan in response.

“More,” Mercy whispered. “Remind me that there is more than death and blood. Remind me that I’m more than that.”

Lenox could hear the slight catch in her words and all she wanted to do was erase those dark memories from Mercy’s mind.  For all the pain and heartache she brought to her, Lenox just wanted to show her all the love and need that far outweighed the rest.  Her lips continued their journey, sliding over her ribs and down still.  When she reach slim hips, she nibbled at them before pressing her cheek against the juncture of her thigh.  Mercy sucked in an audible breath, her legs parting without needing to be asked.  The shiver that Lenox felt vibrate against her cheek was all the permission that she needed.

“Make it go away, Len.  Make all of it go away until it’s just you and me.”

Lenox’s lifted her eyes to meet Mercy’s and they held for several moments.  “I’ll always make it all go away.”   She just wished it wasn’t her that was usually the one that started that pain in the first place.  It was something she could make up for now though.  Dipping her head back down she started to do just that.


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