Friday, October 21, 2016

Book Exchange Open House

Join me on Tuesday, October 25th @ 6:30 at The Book Exchange in Marietta for their Indie and Self Publish Open House. I'll be there along with other local authors signing books and hanging out. Hope to see you there!  Be sure to check out The Book Exchange's website for other upcoming events and stop by to pick up a copy of your favorite book.  Book Exchange Marietta


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Endless Nightmare Now on Sale!

Endless Nightmare: The Origin of a Demon is currently only 99 pennies on Amazon. Get hooked on the Dark Dreams Series and meet everyone's favorite demon, Empusa. The bitch you'll love even though you shouldn't.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

WWED Shirts

When I was at Authors After Dark, I had some requests for What Would Empusa Do? t-shirts. I started a campaign on  If I get enough interest they'll ship in September

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Writing a Series

Here is the guest blog post I did for Books Direct (

Writing a Series:

On more than one occasion I have cursed myself an idiot. I mean what was I thinking when I decided to write a series? Then I remember, I’m crazy.

Dark Dreams started off as an idea of a short series, maybe three or four books that weaved around a handful of characters. I didn’t even have a series plot idea, I just knew I had voices in my head that wanted their stories told and their lives happened to overlap.

Then I started writing.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Interview with a Demon

Here is the interview I did with Empusa for Fangtastic Books Blog

Taking a seat across the demoness, she wasn’t what I expected. Rumors of the empusae demon spoke of a tall, Amazonian woman with wild red hair and a glare that could turn your soul to dust. The female was anything but. Empusa wasn’t much taller than my own five foot two frame. Her golden blonde hair framed an almost angelic face, but her hallow cheekbones looked as if you could sharpen a blade on them. I wouldn’t call her pretty, though. In truth, I’m not sure there is a word that could describe her. Only thing that came to mind, goddess.

She glared at me when I didn’t start talking right away. Ok, so that part of the legend was correct, her glare could make your soul feel like it was turning to dust.

I cleared my throat. “We’ll just get right to it then. Tell us a little about yourself.”

“Oh pet, I don’t believe you have that much time. I’ll give you the basics, though if you want to know more, and you should want to know more about me, do yourself a favor and read Endless Nightmare. It happens to be my origin story. So, a little about me… I’m the one and only empusae demon in existence. I currently reside in the demon hell realm, Gehenna. Not for long, of course, I’m working on a way out.”

“Living in Gehenna, I assume you see a lot of conflict. Would you say you embrace it or run from it?”

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dreams in the Dark Blog Tour

Join me from August 1st - August 8th to celebrate the release of Dreams in the Dark and enter for a change to win a signed copy or an Amazon gift card.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pre-Order Dreams in the Dark

Dreams in the Dark
Dark Dreams Book 2

Coming August 4th 20116

~Whispers abound in Gehenna, Zeus knows the empusae is alive and he wants her dead. A war is coming, and a war is exactly what Empusa’s been training her pets for.
Deep down, Empusa only wants one thing—the demise of those who banished her to Hell, and she will stop at nothing to escape and exact her revenge. Traveling the Dream Realm, she spends countless hours searching for her ticket out, and she’s finally found him.
Krael Connolly, the Crown Prince of Gehenna, spends his days researching demons, particularly the elusive empusae, and his nights being visited by his Emmy in his dreams. As the Demon of Vengeance, he fights a battle with his inner demon every day, but his humanity continues to win out…although, the demon of his dreams is testing that control.
He endlessly fights against the dark, while she fights against the light. She calls to his demon as he struggles to bring out her humanity. She lives for chaos, blood and destruction, but he makes her experience something she'd never experienced before—emotions.
But ultimately, what will Empusa do? Whatever hell she wants.~